Create and authorize a payment for a given customer order. You
should provide a payment method token here to avoid PCI implications.

If only a payment method token is passed, the values passed with the Client Session is used to determine the amount, currency etc.
Note: amount, currencyCode and orderId are required during payment creation. Make sure to pass these fields when creating a client session, or if not yet available, when creating a payment.

All fields provided on this request will take preference over any field on the order associated with the client session. E.g. if you pass amount on this request, it will override the amount on the order associated with the Client Session.
Parameters that are not on this request will be fetched from previously created Client Session and merged. E.g. if you specify customer.billingAddress in Client Session and then pass customer.emailAddress data with this request, it will automatically merge the customer fields and use both billingAddress and emailAddress for later calculations.

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