Payments V2

  • X-API-Version -> 2021-09-27
  • Creating a payment using only a payment method token is now possible. The order, customer and metadata passed on the Client Session request is then used for the payment.
  • The create payment endpoint request was extended to include order, customer, etc. It now more closely resembles the /client-session endpoint
  • The response of all the Payments API endpoints was refactored to match the create payment request structure
  • All references to paymentInstrument from the previous Payments API version have been refactored to paymentMethod to be more consistent throughout
  • All the payments API endpoints (create, capture, cancel, refund, etc.) are now versioned
  • paymentMethodData in PaymentMethod responses (for card payment method types) all now contain a first6digits field in addition to the last4digits returned. This is an opt-in field, so it is null by default.
  • The customer billingAddress and shippingAddress fields are now all optional

Client Session V2

  • X-API-Version -> 2021-10-19
  • The /auth/client-token endpoint was renamed to /client-session
  • /client-session endpoint now takes a payload including order, customer and other fields
  • /client-session is now versioned
  • A variety of request/response bugs were fixed. Some of the effects are:
    • The request and response are both fully camelCase
    • Some fields would no longer accept empty strings in the request
    • null values are not returned anymore